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Crosland 423 Oil Filter Massey Ferguson Bedford Etc CH869

Crosland 423 Oil Filter Massey Ferguson Bedford Etc CH869

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Crosland 423 Oil Filter Massey Ferguson Bedford Etc CH869

Crosland 423 Oil Filter Massey Ferguson Bedford Etc

MRF Code: CH869


Crosland 423

Oil filter

Part no CH869

New old stock

APPLICATIONS: Ahlmann Some Models, Alexander Dennis AV7(Leyland 4.0 Litre Engine), Pax(Leyland AV470 Engine), All Wheel Drive 4x4, Allis ChalmersHD41B(Cummins V12 Engine), Anderson Boyes 2187/770; 175/250, Anderson Mavor E10(Cummins NH250 Engine), Atlas Copco Models fitted with Cummins engine in Model type:, PR365, PR600(Cummins NHC4, NH220 Engine), PR620(Cummins Engine), Aveling Barford B, C, D Series(Meadows Engine), DCO11, DCO12, DCO13, DCO14, DCO15(Ford 2711E Engine), DCO11, DCO12, DCO13, DCO14, DCO15(Ford 2722E Engine), DCO11, DCO12, DCO13, DCO14, DCO15(Perkins 4.236 Engine), LD55(Leyland AV690, AV691 Engine), SG1 500, SR Minecar(Dorman 4LB Engine), Benford Ray, N Hydraulics, Bristol 270(Dorman 4LB Diesel Engine), 376(Dorman 6LB Diesel Engine), Broom and Wade WR100, WR125, WR138; WR160, WR210, WR235; WR250, WR280, WR360, WR431(Cummins NHC Engine), WR80, WR85, Case IHC B125, BT125, B450(BD264 Engine), B614, B8K3, 8G2, BH25B, BH30, BTD8, BTD9, BTD20, BTDS, Chrysler Dodge D308, D309, D310(Leyland AV410, AV470 Engine), ColesHydra Husky 150T Mk II, 18/22 TSC, 20/25 TSC, 23/25TSC(Leyland AV505 Engine), Hydra Truck 13/17T, 16/18T, 18-22, 20/22T(Leyland AV504, AV505 Engine), Hydra Truck 25/30T, 30/30T, 30/35T(Leyland AV760 Engine), Zealous Truck & Port Tower(Leyland AV760 Engine), Compair HolmanCA1, CA1S, CA1SS(Perkins D3-152 Engine), CR400, CR400SS, CV400(Cummins V504C Engine), RO13P, RO37(Ford 592E Engine), RO37, RO60P, RO75(Cummins NH220 Engine), Rotair 15, Rotair 15, Rotair 25, Rotair 25, 150, 370 196R, Rotair RO370(Cummins NH220 Engine), Rotair RO370(Cummins NH220 Engine), Rotair RO60(Cummins NK743B-220 Engine), WR210(Perkins 6.354 Engine), WR431, WR80, WR85, WR100, WR120, WR125, WR130, WR138, WR160, WR210, WR360, WR413, Consolidated Diesel 125-20-2, Conveyancer TC Series 6, Cummins NH180, NH205, NHK205, NH220, NH230, NH250, NHK250, Davis 700, 800(Lister HR2 Engine), Dorman 2LA, 3LA, 4LA, 2LB, 3LB, 4LB, 5LB, 2LB; 2LD, 2LD, 3LD, 3LB; 3LD, 4LB, 4LB, 4LBT, 5LB, 5LB, 5LBM, 5SLA, 6KU, 6KUF, 6UD, 6KUD; 6KUDT; 6KUF, 6LA, 6LB, 6LBT, 6LBTCA, 6LC, 6LCT, 6LBTCW, 6LBM, 6LBT, 6LC; 6LCT, 6LDTCA, 6LDTCW, 6QT, 6QTCA, 6QTCW, 8DA, 8JT/2, 8JT/2QBTCA, 8JTCA, 8LB, 8Q, 8QT, 8QBTCA, 8QTCN, LA Series; LB Series, LA Series; LB Series, Drott B125, BTD125, Euclid R-15, R-17, R-18 Series FD(Cummins NH6, NH220 Engine), R-24 Series FD(Cummins NH250 Engine), Fairbanks Morse 50A5-4, Fiat DI50; DI60, DM50; DM60, Fiat Allis 80C, 90C Agricultural(CO3/130T Engine), AD12, AD12L, BD12, BD12L, FR12, FR9, FR9B, Foden 6 Wheel(Cummins Engine), Godwin DPC6(Lister HR3 Engine), Gradall G600, M2460(Leyland Engine), Grove 16/60, Hymac 880C, 1050, 1051, 1150(Cummins V504C Engine), 880C, 1050, 1051, 1150(Cummins V8-185 Engine), 880C; 1050(Cummins Engine), Ingersoll Rand DKL750(Detroit Diesel 6V-71 Engine), DR250, DRAP250(Ford 2714E Engine), DR250, DRAP250, DRP250(Perkins 6.354 Engine), DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRAF150, DRF150, DR150, DRAF175(Perkins 4.236 Engine), DRAF125, DRAF125S, DRAF140, DRP140, DRP140S, DRAF150, DR150S, DRF175, DRF175S(Ford 2711E Engine), DRAF125, DRAF175(Ford 2701E Engine), DRAF250, DRF250, DRF250S, DR250(Ford 2704E, 2714E Engine), DRAP125, DRAP140, DRAP150, DRAP175(Perkins 4.236 Engine), DRC600, DRGM600(Detroit Diesel 6-71 Engine), DRF365, DRC480, DRCH480, DRC600(Cummins NH220, NHC481 Engine), DRF365, DRC480, DRCH480, DRC600(Cummins NH220, NHC481 Engine), DRR365, DR600, DRR600(Rolls Royce C4NFL, C6NFL Engine), DXL650, DXL700H, DXL750H, DR750H, DXL900, DXL900P(Cummins NT280, VT555 Engine), DXL650, DXL700H, DXL750H, DR750H, DXL900, DXL900P(Cummins NT280, VT555 Engine), P450SUC, P450WCU(Cummins V378 Engine), JCB TH520, TH520-2, TH520-4, TH525, TH525-4(Leyland 4.98 Engine), Jones561HT(Leyland AV691 Engine), 565T(Leyland AV691 Engine), Joy RP140, Lancer Boss MD6, MD7, P14(Ford Engine), Models fitted with this Hydraulic Filter in Model type:, Unknown model, Leyland Daf BL 312; 410; 470; 590; 690, 344, 384(3.8 Litre Diesel Engine), 691, 700, 760, 7.7 Litre Diesel, AEC Militant(AV760 Engine), AEC Militant(AV760 Engine), AVT1100/4F, Fleetline(Gardner 6LXB Engine), Hercules, Reliance(AH505/691/760 Engine), Warrior(AV505 Engine), Lister Petter 4FRM; 4FTM, 4RFM, 6RFM, 616, 6FRM; 6FTM, ARMD600(Cummins NH220 Engine), BS649(Lister BS649 Engine), FR3MGR, FR4MGR, FR60MGR, HA, HA6, HA6, HB6, HB4, HB6, HB6, HL4, HL4, HL6, HLT6, HL6, HLT6, HR4, HR6, J4, JW6, HR4; HR6, HR5, HR6, HRW2, HRW3, HRW4, HRW5, HRW6, HRWM, HRWSM, HR6A; HRS6, HRS, HRW4, HR4MA, HRW4MA, HRW4MGR, HR6MA, HRS6MA, HRS6MGR, HRW6M,WS6MA, HRWS6MGR, HRW4; HRW6, HRWS6, HW6, JA, JAS, JW, JWS, JWSC, JA; JAS; JWSC, JA6; JA6A; JW6, JA6MGR, JW6MGR, JK Series, JK2, JK3, JK4, JW; JWS, PD1, PD1, PD2, PD3, PD4, PDM2, PDM3, PDM4, PDV6, PDV8, PDVM6, PDVM8, PD2; PDM2, PD3; PDM3, PD4; PDM4, PDV, PDV6; PDVM6, PDV8; PDVM8, PDV8RMR, PD4RMR, PDM, PDVM, PJ50(PJ2 Engine), PJ85(PJ4 Engine), R140, R140S, R175PD(Ford 2711E Engine), SRMR, SRMR, SQRM, Lokomo A330NS, A350NS, A331NS, A351NS(Leyland 760 Engine), Massey Ferguson 726(BMC 4.0L Engine), Meadows 331, 420, 422; 496; 622, 4DC330, 4ECA; 4ELAV, 4HDC330, 630, 633, 6HDC500; 6DC630; 6DCS630; 6DC700, 970, Menck and Hambrook SR53(Deutz Engine), NCK 1405, 1405B, 1405C, 1495B(Cummins NT855 Engine), 305, 405, 305, 405 Alpine and Pennine, Alpine, Penine(Dorman 6DA Engine), T25, T35 Pennine, Parker Rock(Dorman 5LB Engine), Priestman Lion IIIA(Lister HR6 Engine), Ruston 38RB(Dorman 6LET Engine), 6YDX, 6YDX, 71RB(Cummins NT855 Engine), C19541/1, SS6, Sisu Models fitted with Leyland 505, 690, 760 engine in Model type:, Stothert and Pitt T182A, T182B(Lister HR3, HR4 Engine), T208(Lister HRS6 Engine), Sykes UV3 Hilift(Lister HR6 Engine), UV5 Lowlift(Lister HRS6 Engine), UVS8, UVS12(Lister HR6, HRS6 Engine), VC12/300D(Lister HRS6 Engine), VC150D(Lister HR2 Engine), VCD8(Lister HR4 Engine), Terex TS24 Mk V(Cummins NT320 x2 Engine), Thornycroft CR6; JR6; NR6; QR6; RTR6, Thwaites 4 Wheel Drive, All Drive 3 ton(Petter PJ3 Engine), All Drive 35cwt, 2 Ton(Petter PH2 Engine), Tusker(Petter PH2 Engine), Tusker, Tusker Swivel Skip(Petter PH2 Engine), Valtra Valmet 702, 702-4, 702S, 702S-4, 703, 703-4, 712, VL742(411B Engine), 702, 702-4, 702S, 702S-4, 703, 703-4, 712, VL742(411C Engine), Winget 4/60(Lister HR3 Engine), CG31, CH44, CH45, CH47, CK31, CK42(Lister HR3 Engine), CK42, CK47(Lister HR3 Engine)

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